The CodeDicks Philosophy

We thought coding lessons were getting a little one-sided at CodeBabes. Thus was born. Some people will like us, some people will love us, but no matter what, you’re going to learn to write some damn code… and chug a few Jack and Cokes!!

We’ve got a few core principles (in order, but not really):

  1. Bro-ing out should be entertaining, but we take it to the next level.
  2. Production Quality, sure it takes a little extra effort, but our videos are awesome, seriously, even without a douche and without proper grammar they are the best. Are you NOT entertained!!
  3. We go fast, each lesson is a quicky, we’re pretty sure you won’t mind re-watching them :), pause it when it gets too hard… or he does.
  4. You WILL learn something. Sure, we’re entertaining, but the courses are damn good at teaching fundamentals and best practices of web development and coding. Lean Out. Double down. Triple Threat.
  5. Sometimes we use a joke more than once, but only because they are soooo good i.e. Your mom. LOL. Embrace our pectorals and general awesomeness.
  6. We love Gender Equality and booze and you should too! It’s what makes the tech industry such a magical place, and no we’re not just talking around the kegerators.
  7. We’re not for everyone, if you want to troll us, feel free to hit us up on twitter @CodeDicks, or just be passive aggressive, we don’t care, Pedobear don’t care!!!
  8. If we’ve offended anyone, well, let’s just say there are bigger problems in the world to worry about. ROFL.

This is the natural evolution of the internet, bringing together a Triforce of Dicks, Code and a healthy dose of Four Loko. Hopefully it brings coding and web development to a butt load of new people.

Sincerely, The CodeDicks

Disclaimer: CodeDicks is in no way affiliated, nor condones the beliefs of CodeBabes. This is satire. None of the dudes on this site approve of sexism and would like to see people of all genders treated equally and respectfully, particularly in our industry.

Bro hugs, – Meggan, Simon, Mike, Tim, Tuhin, Jeffrey, and Josh.